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Ryan Bighly | Flynn Rider | James Maslow | OPEN

Ryan is a mischievous and cunning man. With his sly grin and rugged good looks, he is quite a bit of a charmer. Ryan is stubborn and rebellious when it comes to listening to the orders of people of higher authority. He is constantly getting in trouble and he can often be found dragging other people into trouble along with him. When you get to know him, you will realize that he actually has a good heart and is a kind and intelligent person.

• Likes:


Leading others on a chase

Stirring up trouble

• Dislikes:

Getting caught in a chase


Following rules

Olivia Twain | Rapunzel | Chachi Gonzales | OPEN

Olivia is a free spirit. She finds everything new and exciting, mostly because she has to stay cooped up inside. She has a vert strict mother who doesn’t let her leave the house more than a few times a week. So, when she does get to leave, she find everything fascinating and exciting. Over the years of being inside, Olivia has taken a liking to most kinds of art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. She’s very creative and enjoys making intricate scenes on the walls of her bedroom. Olivia has long, golden blonde hair that her mother loves to brush so much that she won’t allow her to cut it. But Olivia finds it to be a burden to lug around all day. However, Olivia always listens to her mother. 



Learning new things

Creating new art


Being inside all day

When people tell her she can’t do something

People who lie to her.