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Our roleplay is officially open!

After a few days of work, this roleplay is officially accepting applications for characters! New characters will be posted once most of our current ones are taken, so don’t fret! New creations are soon to come! 

Helen Twain | Mother Gothel | Helen Bonham Carter | OPEN

Helen Twain is the mother of Olivia Twain. She comes off as very sweet, like a loving mother. But deep down, she is almost insane, heartless and cruel. She only does things if it benefits her in some way. The one thing she does love is her daughter Olivia. She loves to brush her daughter’s long, golden hair. Helen is very protective of Olivia. She hardly ever lets her leave their house that’s on the outskirts of town. Helen appears to be much younger than she really is, and she adores that about her appearance. Helen has quite the temper when people don’t do as she wishes. That’s when she’s her scariest. 


Her daughter, Olivia

Looking young



Doing things that don’t benefit her

When people try and come near her and her daughter

When her orders are not obeyed. 

Julie Weaver | Alice in Wonderland | AnnaSophia Robb | RESERVED

Julie is a curious and adventurous young woman. A free spirit, she loves to venture into places that most others don’t dare to. She is courageous and she tends to take risks, often reckless ones. She is gutsy and she will do things for friends without hesitation. Julie is capable of tremendous courage although she often doesn’t think things through before acting.

• Likes:


New experiences

Exciting new things 

• Dislikes:

Staying in one place for too long

Being told she can’t do something

Having to admit she can’t do something

Michael Hesten | Prince Eric | Logan Lerman | OPEN

Michael is a kind and dedicated person. He does not let debts go unpaid and he is quick to help anyone who has a history of helping him. He is loyal to friends and people who are loyal to him, and tolerant of those who are neither. Once he sets a goal, it is hard for him to let go of that goal.

• Likes:


Playing various instruments

Achieving his goals

• Dislikes:

Unpaid debts

Falling short of goals

Being without friends

Ryan Bighly | Flynn Rider | James Maslow | OPEN

Ryan is a mischievous and cunning man. With his sly grin and rugged good looks, he is quite a bit of a charmer. Ryan is stubborn and rebellious when it comes to listening to the orders of people of higher authority. He is constantly getting in trouble and he can often be found dragging other people into trouble along with him. When you get to know him, you will realize that he actually has a good heart and is a kind and intelligent person.

• Likes:


Leading others on a chase

Stirring up trouble

• Dislikes:

Getting caught in a chase


Following rules

Marella Ebs | Ariel/The Little Mermaid | Emma Stone | TAKEN

Marella has a very adventurous personality. She loves to try new things, loves to do daring things, and enjoys doing those forbidden things she is told not to do. She was raised with a strict father and a mother who was never around, so Marella has always had a lot of rules. No doing this and no doing that. But she doesn’t care, she likes to do those things, so she does them anyway. Marella is very artistic and has always loved to create things. She find almost everything fascinating and has a child-like wonder about her where she takes everything as a new, exciting experience. Marella is also very stubborn, once she has something in her head, she doesn’t listen to reason. Marella is a very trusting person, almost dangerously so. She’ll put her faith into someone and trust them almost instantly, but when you betray that trust there is almost no gaining it back. 


Exploring new places




Being bored

Being trapped and not allowed to do something

When people take advantage of her trust. 

Olivia Twain | Rapunzel | Chachi Gonzales | OPEN

Olivia is a free spirit. She finds everything new and exciting, mostly because she has to stay cooped up inside. She has a vert strict mother who doesn’t let her leave the house more than a few times a week. So, when she does get to leave, she find everything fascinating and exciting. Over the years of being inside, Olivia has taken a liking to most kinds of art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. She’s very creative and enjoys making intricate scenes on the walls of her bedroom. Olivia has long, golden blonde hair that her mother loves to brush so much that she won’t allow her to cut it. But Olivia finds it to be a burden to lug around all day. However, Olivia always listens to her mother. 



Learning new things

Creating new art


Being inside all day

When people tell her she can’t do something

People who lie to her.