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Helen Twain | Mother Gothel | Helen Bonham Carter | OPEN

Helen Twain is the mother of Olivia Twain. She comes off as very sweet, like a loving mother. But deep down, she is almost insane, heartless and cruel. She only does things if it benefits her in some way. The one thing she does love is her daughter Olivia. She loves to brush her daughter’s long, golden hair. Helen is very protective of Olivia. She hardly ever lets her leave their house that’s on the outskirts of town. Helen appears to be much younger than she really is, and she adores that about her appearance. Helen has quite the temper when people don’t do as she wishes. That’s when she’s her scariest. 


Her daughter, Olivia

Looking young



Doing things that don’t benefit her

When people try and come near her and her daughter

When her orders are not obeyed.